Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bill!

We celebrated Bill's 34th birthday this morning with a stack of blue pancakes and presents. Here are a few things about Bill and how he has spent the last year.

1. He has been running his own business.
The bulk of Bill's time and attention this year has gone into his company, TeKnowledgy. He provides IT consulting services to local businesses -- functioning as IT administrator for small businesses that don't have their own IT staff and helping extend IT resources of companies that do. He's worked really hard, adding new customers and forming vendor relationships so he can supply printers, computers, and servers to his customers. Some days we feel like we are on top of each other with Bill working from home, but I do appreciate how hard he works to provide for our family.

2. He is an excellent dad!
Abigail was born on May 9, making Bill a father for a second time. He is affectionate with his daughters--and tells them he loves them every day. Sandy loves to help him as he works around the house/yard and he is so patient with her. The other day he made macaroni and cheese and pulled up a chair and let Sandy dump in the macaroni, stir, and add the other ingredients. She really responds well to his attention and patience and I can see her confidence grow as she helps him.

3. He puts God first.
I am grateful that Bill honors his priesthood and has been able to bless Abby and give the girls blessings when they've been sick.

4. He's very handy around the house.
He replaced the garage roof, worked on the girls' bedroom, built shelves to make a toy closet, and much more. I am really lucky to have a husband that is so talented and able to fix and build things.

5. He is a ham radio operator and likes to volunteer.
Bill volunteered at the Wasatch 100, an 100-mile endurance run. We also went as a family to the 24th of July parade and Bill and I both were volunteer ham radio operators for our corner of the parade route. He is also our Stake's emergency communications specialist.

6. He is involved in politics.
Bill went to the Republican State Convention this year as a delegate. He serves as Vice-Chair in our Precinct, and tries to be an informed voter.

7. He likes to read.
I don't know how I found a husband that likes to read as much as I do. I love that he will read a book that I'm reading and then we can discuss it together. Some books we've both read this year: The Hunger Games Series, Freakonomics, The Princess and the Hound, Before Green Gables, and The 10 Big Lies About America.

8. He has a few favorite TV shows.
After we put the kids to bed on Monday nights we like to catch up on our favorite TV shows: Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Eureka, and Dr. Who.

Happy Birthday, honey, I love you!


AJ said...

Happy Birthday Bill! Hope it was a good one!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Bill! Here's to many more years to come! It is great to have a husband who loves to read isn't it? That's one of the things Jared and I share that I really enjoy as well.