Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trip to Atlanta

We spent a fun week in Atlanta, Georgia! My cousin, Kayli, came with us and was such a big help! It's always nice when the adults outnumber the kids....

We got there Sunday night (June 13th). Sandy had fun flying - she loved take-off and landing, the bumpier the better! Abby did really well on the flights, too. It was late by the time we got to our hotel (two flights, a train ride, and a shuttle ride) and Bill's brother, Richard, met us at our hotel with sandwiches. Thanks, Richard! Here's a picture of the girls getting ready for bed.

Monday we went to the aquarium. Well, Bill went to a training, but the rest of us went to the aquarium. It is the world's largest aquarium and it was amazing. My favorite part was walking under the ocean (glass ceilings with fish swimming overhead). Sandy was pretty tired from all the travel the day before and the time change so we didn't last long at the aquarium.

Our hotel had a pool. Here is a picture of Sandy getting ready to swim - she used her jacket as a cover up over her swimsuit and put on her hat. It was an indoor pool, but she likes to be prepared, I guess.

I got to see a friend, Angeli, that I haven't seen since we both lived in Kentucky 14 years ago. It was fun to meet her for dinner and catch up on old times!

Another night, we went to Richard's apartment for a barbecue and Rock Band. Here's Richard and Sandy with the guitar:

Another night we ordered pizza in and hung out at the hotel pool:

Here's a picture of Kayli and Sandy in the pool. Sandy loved playing with Kayli -- and Kayli is amazing at handling Sandy, she teaches 3rd grade so she gets lots of practice dealing with rambunctious kids. She taught me a few tricks, like having Sandy point to her eyes, nose, etc. during diaper changes.

We bought an inflatable hippo at Walmart. The hotel shuttle would take us anywhere in a 3-mile radius so we bought rail passes instead of renting a car. The shuttle took us to Walmart a couple of times during the week - I don't think we were their typical guests... Everyone was very nice, though, and we got to know the hotel staff pretty well. I wish I'd taken more pictures!

Thursday and Friday I was in a sales training class as well. It was really interesting to learn about the new product Bill trained on earlier in the week -- an out-of-the box IT solution for small businesses that gives them everything from office software to firewall to phones. It's pretty cool -- I wish I'd had that level of unified communication when I was working, and I was working for a very large company. This is targeted to customers from 1 to 500 employees, although Bill's target market is probably closer to 20- to 100-employee companies.

It was fun for Sandy and Abby to spend time with their Uncle Richard. I'm sure Sandy will remember him when he comes to visit next. She has a very good memory!

Sandy loves her baby sister, but I know she sometimes resents the attention Abby requires. Can't find a better picture to show it than this:

It was a very fun trip, but it sure is nice to be home!

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