Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sandy!

Sandy is 2 today! We started out the morning with a tradition we started last year -- colored pancakes with candles. It had the added benefit of giving Sandy some practice at blowing out candles. She wasn't sure what to do, so I blew out the candles on the pancakes and re-lit them. She blew them out just fine the second time.

Notice Sandy's hair: Grandma Buhler trimmed it up for her this week and it is looking much better! It's still not very long, but at least it is even.

10 Things About Sandy on her Birthday:

10: She is learning empathy and it makes me so proud! For example, the other day, she grabbed my hand harder than she meant to and it hit the wall (didn't really hurt me, but it made noise when it hit). She said, "Ouch!" and kissed my hand.

9: She is tall - she's wearing 3T dresses.

8: She has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen.

7: She's learning to verbalize her feelings. When she cries, she says, "I crying."

6: She loves to go places -- even if it's just to the store or for a walk around the block -- and she is really good when we are out.

5: She hates to be left behind. Sometimes when she is headed the wrong direction or I can't get her to come with me, I'll say, "Bye!" and walk off in the direction I want her to go. She usually comes running saying, "I come!" (Of course, she's tried the same thing on me once or twice, too... she is way too smart for her own good!)

4: She loves lotions and creams. She loves to watch me get ready in the morning and wants to do everything I do. Of course, her favorite thing to do is smear whatever she can find in her hair - we've had numerous emergency hair washings on our way out the door...

3: She gives great hugs!

2: She is a good big sister. She "protects" Abby from other kids and won't let them near. She loves to show Abby off to adults, though. When we see people, Sandy will often "show" them Abby, moving the car seat cover and chattering away at them to look at the baby.

1: She loves to help around the house. She throws things in the garbage, takes dishes to the sink, mops the floor, wipes up spills, puts away toys, brings her dad his tools.... She is a great helper!

Birthday Party!!

We had a small dinner to celebrate Sandy's birthday. We tried to keep it simple, but even still, I think it was a little overambitious for me between 6-week doctor checkups this week and having been out of town all last week. It was fun to celebrate Sandy's birthday, though.

Here are the invitations that I made but never got mailed:

The food: (sloppy joes, watermelon, chips and dip, carrots, jello salad)

Banana cupcakes
. We also had banana splits.

Sandy blew out her candle, then wanted it re-lit so she could blow it out again. So she got to blow out her candle twice - she would have liked to do it again and again....

Sandy with Grandpa Buhler:

Update on Abby

Abby is 6 weeks old, she'll be 7 weeks old on Sunday. We weighed her Wednesday and she was 10 lbs even, so she is growing well. She is a great baby, very easygoing and sleepier than I remember Sandy being. She started smiling last week while we were in Atlanta, although she stops every time I pull out my camera.

Sandy got a birthday box today from my mom. There were a couple of things in the box for Abby, including this Sophie the Giraffe. Sandy started playing with it and I explained that it belongs to Abby. Now every time I turn around, Sandy has brought Sophie the Giraffe and laid it next to Abby. I'll put Abby in her carseat and run to get one quick thing and come back and there is the giraffe... Or put Abby down for a nap in her bassinet and come back and sure enough, there is the giraffe...

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