Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my husband and the father of my children! This is Bill's second official Fathers Day (Sandy was born after Fathers Day in 2008). Here's a picture taken last month of him and Abby:

Bill is a wonderful father. He is affectionate and I think my girls will always know that their daddy loves them because he hugs them and tells him he loves them many times each day. He gives each of them a goodnight kiss before he goes to bed, slipping into Sandy's room to check on her one last time. Abby's still in our room so he doesn't have to go far to check on her.

Bill and Sandy have become good friends. She is quick to cry for daddy when mommy says no. (Bill is very good to back me up, but he will give Sandy an understanding hug even while telling her that "Mommy's right."):

Bill reads to Sandy and plays with her. He lets her help him when he is working on things around the house and I am amazed at how patient he is with her. He'll let her help him screw in screws or give her a hammer and let her pound nails into scrap wood.

We are blessed to have many fathers to celebrate today. My dad is a wonderful father and I have always been able to count on his advice and sense of humor. It is so much fun to watch him as a grandpa. This is one of my favorite pictures of Sandy with my dad, taken last summer when we visited him in South Dakota:

I'm also thankful for my father-in-law. So many of the things that make Bill an excellent father he learned from his own dad -- patience, willingness to let a child help out with projects, and much more. Here is a picture of him with Abby taken last month:

I am so blessed to have both of my grandfathers alive. Here is Sandy with her Great-Grandpa Pete:

....and Sandy with her Great-Grandpa Shupe:

Both of Bill's grandfathers passed away before I joined the family, but we honor them as well today. If I had pictures of them, I would post them.

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