Thursday, August 6, 2009


One of my favorite websites is Goodreads. It keeps track of books I've read and books I want to read. I can share with friends, similar to facebook but specifically related to books.

However, I have been mystified by printing my "to read" list. The site offers a "print" option, but for some reason it doesn't really work. It looks like it will, but when I print it spits out extra pages. When I go to (a site to adjust the way websites print so you don't get extra pages), it doesn't read the page I want either.

So, I've just figured out a workaround and thought I'd share it here for my readers that are also goodreads members. (And if you aren't my friend on goodreads, add me - I'd love to see what you're reading.)
  1. Log into good reads
  2. Go to "my books"
  3. Go to "import" (left side bar, shown as "widgets | import | api")
  4. Go to "export to a csv file" (right sidebar)
  5. Choose "Open with Microsoft Office Excel" (this is the default option on mine) and click "ok"
  6. When the Excel file opens, sort by the "bookshelves" column (column p on mine) and hide or delete anything that is not listed as "to read"
  7. Delete or hide anything you don't want to print (I just leave columns A-title, B-author, and R-my review). Adjust page layout as necessary (I change to landscape orientation, narrower margins, and shade every other row*)

* excel will shade every other row for you, but how to do it depends on your version of excel. Type "shade every other row in excel" into Google for directions.

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K and M said...

I've never thought to print my list, but thanks for tips. It might be a good idea some time. Also, love Sandy's hat, love the picture of her screaming with her grandparents - Sunday are so hard with babies!, and love all the road trip ideas! 45 hours - have you lost your mind?! ;) My advice - a portable DVD player with lots of baby einstein DVDs. I'm super vigilant about tv consumption, but on a roadtrip like that, I'd make an exception. We'll be praying for you. :)