Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Sunday

Here's Sandy in her stroller ready to go to church. Unfortunately the stroller hides her dress because it was adorable!

Sunday evening we had a family dinner with Bill's family. I really wanted a picture of Sandy with her Buhler grandparents...

But, as you can see, she had pretty much had it. Have I mentioned how hard Sundays are on our nap schedules?

Luckily grandma had an emergency binkie.

This morning I noticed two new teeth poking through. So Sandy's fussiness may have been more than just her nap schedule being disrupted. She now has nine teeth!

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Heather said...

Only 11 more teeth to go! I'm sorry Sundays are hard...thus why I now love 9am church but used to hate it when I had a child who needed two naps!