Saturday, August 15, 2009

Butterfly House

Photo taken by Bill

My parents took us to the Butterfly House. It was amazing! A rainforest room filled with exotic butterflies.

Photo taken by Bill

I had thought we might get some fun pictures of the butterflies landing on the kids. This is the the closest we got, though.

Butterfly on my dad's pants.

Bill had a blast photographing the butterflies. My dad has gone there early on a Saturday morning to photograph the butterflies without anyone else around. Some of his photos are hanging in a room in the Butterfly House, but the room was closed so we didn't get to see them. He has them up on his website, though. They are in the Zoo/Captive Animals album.

The kids had fun looking at the butterflies, but they got bored before the rest of us were done. Luckily, the Butterfly House has a fantastic playroom!

My niece, Ava.

Ava loves to wear dresses every day. This is a dress her older sister, Bianca, wore at my wedding.

Left to Right: Sam, Joseph, Sandy, Sherri

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