Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleepwalking and Getting Baby Hungry

Last night, I put Sandy to bed and Bill and I watched TV. We caught up on one of our favorite shows, Numb3rs.

She woke up about 11:30 and I fed her and put her back in her bed. I sat with her until she was sound asleep and then crawled back into my own bed around midnight.

I woke up at 5:30 and Sandy was in our bed, between Bill and I , sleep eating (her favorite way to sleep!). I have absolutely no recollection of bringing her to bed or even her crying. Bill doesn't either. Very odd.

Sandy's ended up in our bed almost every night for the last month. She always starts out in her crib, but the sleep deprivation of the last 7 months is catching up with me, and I've been bringing her back to bed around 2 or 3 in the morning when she wakes up the second (or third) time to eat. Bill and I do not sleep as well with her there, though, so I had recommitted to do whatever it takes to keep her in her crib. I didn't plan on sleepwalking, though.

The other odd thing is that I have started to feel baby hungry this week. Up until now I've known we wanted more kids and we've planned to start trying again when Sandy is 1, but I couldn't actually imagine being pregnant, etc. again. This week I saw a friend that is due any day and thought her belly was so cute and actually missed being pregnant. I also keep seeing brand new babies and people with two kids under 2 and looking forward to the day Sandy has a younger brother or sister.


Jen said...

Aaron often sleeps with us too. It is hard to sleep with a baby. I think they feel more secure with you. There have been several times that we have woken up with Aaron or Joseph in the bed and not know when they got there. Joseph will still try to sleep with us. But only when he has had a nightmare or something like that.

K and M said...

Wow - seriously, you talk of sleep deprivation and baby hunger all in one post?! Kudos to you. I always said 'never again!' as long as I was still getting up at night. It wasn't untill I'd been getting solid sleep for many months that I thought of starting again. Maybe you and I will be pregnant together again.

AJ said...

A nice recliner in Michelle's room means I sleep in there while she eats (she only eats for 5-10 minutes but I end up in there for almost an hour some nights). As for the other two, they often come climb in bed. They learned quickly if they climb in on Dad's side they get to stay longer.

Jackie said...

I totally know sleepwalking/nursing! Also understand being baby hungry when you don't think you will be for a long time from now/then!!!! Our bodies and spirit just know, eh?