Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sandy!

We celebrated Sandy’s 5th birthday with our traditional birthday pancakes:_2013-06-24 07.42.35


Grandma & Grandpa Buhler joined us for birthday cupcakes another night:



Sandy has been begging for an umbrella. In fact, she bought one with her birthday money last year. We bought it on Amazon but it wasn’t well made at all. So, what she wanted to do with her birthday money this year was buy an umbrella. And I was very reluctant…until I thought of going to DI.

_2013-06-25 18.50.17 _2013-06-25 18.50.28

Both of the girls got an umbrella for $2 each. They were thrilled. I was thrilled that even if they break it was only $2 wasted. These umbrellas look well made, though, I think they’ll last.

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