Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was Sandy’s preschool Valentine’s party. She really wanted to make robot valentine’s, so we put together these juice box robots.

_IMG_7405 _IMG_7410


This morning, Bill gave each of the girls a pink carnation for Valentine’s day. (I got a bouquet of roses, which were beautiful, but it was even more fun to see the girls get so excited about their flowers than it was to get flowers myself.)



The girls in the amazing princess dresses their Aunt Heather made for them.



Mrs. M said...

Wow those dresses have lots of room to grow into! It's crazy how pattern sizes are tough to guess at...I made Vivian a princess dress in size three to give her for her birthday but it apparently fits Christian better than her right now so I'll have yo set it aside for a few years instead. :/

Mrs. M said...

That's me Heather BTW. I forgot to sign in under my regular account.