Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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We decided to celebrate the day by making these finger puppets.


Also, does anyone know how to get stains out of hardwood floors?



I saw what I thought was a cute idea on pinterest. I used heart-shaped post-it notes with the intention of writing one thing I love about each of my girls on a note every night and sticking it up on their wall above their bed so they could find it in the morning.

On Day 3, I woke up to this. In the middle of the night one or both of the girls pulled down the post-it notes (and I thought I’d put them high enough to be out of their reach), shook their water sippy cups on top of them and left quite a mess. I’ve managed to clean up everything but this mark and it doesn’t even budge. I’ve tried scrubbing, hard wood cleaners, even my steam mop (which probably just set the stain worse) and nothing has touched it.


I’m not sure if the lesson from this is:

My kids would make a mess if they were locked in a padded cell.


Pinterest projects should be approached with extreme caution.


AJ said...

I think the lesson is both of the above. :)

K and M said...

"Pinterest projects should be approached with extreme caution" Classic! I love it! :) On that note, though, I saw a tip on pinterest to use toothpaste to remove stains on hardwood floors and it worked for me on one of my wood dressers which Bella stained with permanent marker. Maybe that would work? I also once used a tiny bit of clorox bathroom cleaner with bleach on my wood kitchen table to remove marker and it worked without damaging the table. Worth a try. Good luck!