Thursday, September 1, 2011


August went by so fast! And I don't even have any pictures from the month!

Abby had her 15-month check up and she is in the 99th percentile for height. I'm not sure what her weight percentile is but she was 23 pounds with clothes on and she's been tracking about 50th percentile. The appointment went well. She has four words, which is the milestone for this appointment: mommy, bye, and thank you.

Sandy finished swimming lessons! After 5 sessions (10 weeks total) in level 1, she's ready for level 2.
I made a cake for Janna's baby shower. Janna was my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters several years ago and we've stayed in touch. She's having a little boy in September. I'm excited for her!

We spent a week in South Dakota with my parents, which was so much fun! But I don't have any pictures...

I had several stories to tell about the girls, but I've forgotten most of them.

One night we got talking about milk and where it comes from. Confident that Sandy would know the answer (since the week before we had milked a cow at Thanksgiving Point), I asked Sandy where milk comes from. "Costco!" she said. I said, "Remember, where did we go last week?" Sandy, replied, "Walmart?"

At Sandy's 3-year checkup, our pediatrician emphasized that she needed to watch less than an hour of tv a day. We don't watch a lot of tv, and we have days when it doesn't come on at all, but once it is on, Sandy will keep watching as long as I let her. So, I told Sandy that was two Curious George episodes. After a few days of me reminding her, "The doctor said you can only watch 2 shows." one day she came back with, "I haven't watched my two shows. The doctor says I have to watch two shows!"

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