Friday, September 9, 2011


Bill's grandma passed away. She was 88 and lived an amazing life. She taught primary for 49 years. She was a widow for 32 years. Talk about an example of enduring to the end!

Here she is with Bill at our wedding:

A four generation picture with Sandy:
Grandma with Sandy:
Grandma with Abby:
Sandy has been fascinated with death. We took her to the viewing and the funeral. We've tried to answer her questions. I just asked her about it so you can get a glimpse of her understanding of it:

Tell me about Grandma Krantz.

She died.

What happened?

The spirit jumped out of Grandma Krantz's body. The spirit hasn’t jumped out of my body yet. Cuz I’m still a kid.

What happened to her spirit?

That spirit jumped out of her body!

Where did it go?

To live with Heavenly Father and Jesus.

When Heavenly Father and Jesus comes back the spirit will come back too and jump back into the body.

Jesus is really strong. He will help her get the things off her legs (referring to the casket being half shut during the viewing so that Sandy was concerned Grandma wouldn’t be able to get out).

I think I better warn the nursery leaders before Sunday. Who knows what she'll tell them, it might help if they know her great-grandma died this week.

We got to see lots of cousins. Here is Sandy hugging her cousin, Christian, at the funeral lunch.

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