Thursday, August 11, 2011

July Wrap Up

Here are a few more July pictures.

Sandy finished her summer ballet class; she loved it. Miss Kim is an amazing teacher.

The last day of class was a parent class so all the parents (and grandparents or friends or whoever else wanted to come) is invited to come watch and take pictures.
The kids took turns doing things. This was Sandy's turn to go across the floor jumping with both feet:

They lined up and practiced their feet positions and more jumping.
They sashayed around the room with a partner:

There was also plenty of free movement with fun props.

Abby really wanted to dance, too:
Abby & Sandy ready to go to a wedding reception for Bill's cousin:
Oh, and one random story to share. The other day, the mail came. Sandy saw it in the mail slot and said, "Look! Grandpa Krantz brought us our mail." I guess she's heard that Bill's grandpa was a mailman? He passed away when Bill was very young. I wish I could say there was something amazing in the mail, but it was just some junk mail and an unexpected bill.


Megan said...

Don't you see? It doesn't matter that there wasn't anything special in the mail it was special cuz Grandpa Krantz brought it! :-)

Megan said...

Yes, that certainly would be amazing if he had brought it. :)

Heather said...

I love little girls in ballet! So cute. Haha, Jared just saw the photo with Abby and commented that she's still has hardly any hair and I retorted back "Yep, that's EXACTLY how I looked for years so you'd better watch it!" :D Who knows, we may get a kid who actually has my hair though I think it's strange that my sister-in-law has my clone for her child ;)...