Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grateful for...

This great country

Annual Buhler family 4th of July breakfast

Girls Night Out
(Pink Martini concert at Red Butte Garden)

The girls playing together!
I was folding laundry, both girls followed me into the laundry room. Sandy grabbed Abby's arm and said, "Let's play Ring Around the Rosies." She sang, and they both giggled and giggled each time they fell down.

Seeing family this weekend in Colorado

This amazing rainbow - the pictures don't do it justice. As I was driving down the freeway, I could see the full rainbow and a double rainbow on one side.

Sandy playing with some of her cousins

Seeing my parents, here is my dad feeding Abby jelly beans.

A safe and scenic drive home (and sleeping in our own beds after being gone for a few days)

Quotes of the Week:
Sandy (as Megan opened a can of tuna fish): "But that's cat food!" As we tried to explain that cats do like tuna fish, but people eat it, too. "I don't think so. Curious George feeds that to the cat."

Sandy: Read it again (for the 3rd time).
Bill: No. That story doesn't have the literary merit for a third reading.

Sandy: I need to hit it. (trying to ride her trike into Bill's car as he was blocking her.)
Bill: No, you don't. If you hit it, it could break.
Sandy: No it won't break, it's not glass.
Bill: Things can break even if they aren't glass. Please don't hit my car.
Sandy: I need to break a piece off and put it in there (pointing to the basket on back of her trike)

Sandy: The sun is up! I sleeped really fast! (the first morning in the hotel)

Sandy: I obey my mom and dad. Don't push Abby!
(This one was a couple of weeks ago, told by Sandy's nursery leader after a lesson on obeying parents).

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Heather said...

LOL. I love Sandy's little sayings especially the car story. ;) The girls playing ring-around-the-rosey is priceless!