Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grateful for...

I stumbled across a blogger that does a post each week with pictures of things she is grateful for. She calls it Grace in Small Things. I thought I'd try it.

Summer Fruit
(I love how Abby eats grapes. She puts the whole bunch to her mouth, bites into one grape and pulls it off with her teeth.)

A Washer & Dryer that sit side by side!
(My husband and father-in-law redid the plumbing in the laundry room this week. This means I can do laundry without having to open and close the washing machine door 3 times as I load it and 3 times as I empty it!)

Help with Dishes

A shiny sink (I've found the FlyLady)

Baby Steps
(Abby has taken off this week! After months of being able to walk around furniture and even stand up in the middle of the room, she's finally discovered that she can walk.)

A husband who drove us to the Great Salt Lake for a Sunday afternoon outing, then didn't complain when I stayed in the car and read my book.

I don't have a picture, but I'm also grateful this week for
*Answered prayers: My brother-in-law, Michael, spent the week in the hospital (including several days in the ICU) because a vein was pinched between his rib and clavicle and it was causing blood clots. We got to visit him Thursday night and he is home now.

I'm sure there are several things that I'm leaving out, but it has certainly helped me feel more grateful to look for photo opportunities all week for this.

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Heather said...

What a great idea! I've heard that being grateful for what you do have opens windows for more joy in your life. I really like your washer/dryer. Is it blue? I have a blue one that almost looks the same but it's a different brand.