Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today's post is all about Sandy. I love my little girl and, although I am very excited to have another one, I also worry about making sure Sandy still gets the attention she needs. I think she will love her baby sister, but I also think I need to make extra effort to make sure she still gets time, attention, and love from me. After all, she didn't choose to add a baby to our home and, really, she's still practically a baby herself.

First, a couple of funny stories from this morning. This morning, Sandy brought me a piece of hard candy. "Purple! Purple!" she kept saying. It was, indeed, purple. I realized that Sandy knows the color purple very well, much better than she knows any of her other colors. Any guesses what my favorite color is? I think I am more likely to point out purple things than anything else because I like it so much.

Then, I was eating a miniature snickers bar (I know, I know, both of today's stories involve candy. Really, we eat healthy stuff at our house, too!) and Sandy came over and held out her hand. "Please," I prompted her. "Please," she repeated. I bit the candy bar in half and gave her half. "Thank you," I prompted. "Your welcome!" she said. Hey, what can I say? Manners are a work in progress at our house!

Sandy is such a big helper. I've been trying to wash the insides of my windows, and I left a bucket of window washing fluid and a squeegee in the kitchen. I came in to find this:

She had a blast "mopping" the floor.

Sandy is such a big helper! When she takes a bath, she neatly stacks the bath toys before she asks to get out. That did take some prompting - every time she'd ask to get out, I'd have her hand me the toys and help her stack them up. Now, I don't even have to remind her.

She's also started clearing her place after we eat. I've never prompted her to do that, so I guess she just noticed Bill and I doing it. When she is finished eating, she will carefully carry her dishes, silverware, and glass (one at a time) over to the sink and push them in. What a big helper!

She loves to be outside! Every day she wants to get her shoes on first thing and to "go" somewhere. If she is upset, a walk down the street will almost always calm her down. This morning we woke up to snow:
Not what I like to see at the end of April! We had to take a quick trip to the library to satisfy Sandy's desire to go. She insisted on wearing sandals, so we couldn't go for a walk. The snow was still coming down, so I didn't really want to go for a walk anyways.

Yesterday, Sandy had some friends come over to play. We pushed the couches and some chairs together and built a giant fort. I think that was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. The kids had so much fun climbing around, under, and through their fort! I really enjoyed watching them play!


Heather said...

Sandy is such a cute little girl. I know what you mean about her still being a baby...honestly, I felt like Christian was a baby until he turned 3. Now that he's a giant 4-year-old I'm amazed I thought he was a baby for so much of his life. I'm now wishing I journaled better about his "baby years" since I can't remember as much as I would like. Best wishes for everything with the new baby going smoothly...Since having a new baby, I've noticed that if I take the time to do at least one special thing with Christian each day that he is much more behaved than otherwise. Sorry about the essay. ;)

Sherri said...

I can't wait to come and spend some time with Sandy!

K and M said...

You're killing me - it's a week past your due date and no updates! Post some pics - don't forget your loyal fans. :)