Monday, April 26, 2010

39 Weeks Update

I had my 39 week check up today. I am 3 centimeters dilated, 80 percent effaced, and the doctor said Abby's head is down and really low, even lower than last week. He said I looked like I could go into labor any minute - but he's had patients hang on like that for a couple of weeks, so there is just really no way to know when she'll come. If I haven't had her by my next appointment (May 3), he'd like to set a date for later that week to induce me. So, we should have this little girl here by Mother's Day!

This morning Sandy wanted to wear my boots. I couldn't believe she could walk in them, but she managed!

Friday, we took Sandy out on a date with us to Trolley Square. We stopped at Pottery Barn Kids and she had a blast playing with the floor models. I'll have to remember that for a rainy day...

They had strollers, dolls, and a dollhouse out. She didn't want to go, but I gave her a 1-minute warning before we left and she came without a fuss. I am loving this new stage where she is easier to reason with!

This next picture shows why I rarely shower by myself anymore.
Bill was watching Sandy last week and decided to take a shower. While he was in the shower, Sandy filled the tub in the other bathroom with her toys and decorated it with a highlighter. The highlighter wiped off pretty easily with baby wipes (Sandy cleaned it up herself with some prompting). This is why I usually pull Sandy into the shower with me and let her play with bath toys while I shower!

I am very grateful, but surprised that Sandy has become a better napper over the last month or so. She's always gone down for naps pretty well, but she rarely slept over an hour. The pediatrician said that was just her body's cycle and it was fine. She's been down to one nap for awhile. Over the last month or so, though, she's started taking a 2 to 2.5 hour nap. It's fantastic! And she'll even let me transfer her to her bed if she falls asleep in her car seat - for a long time, if she fell asleep in the car, that was it for the day's nap! I don't know what has made the difference--maybe she is going through a growth spurt or something--but I hope it lasts a long time!!


Heather said...

Hurray for long naps! They truly are a mother's sanity saver. I hope you have an enjoyable birth with Abby! Good luck.

Meg said...

She looks super cute in your boots! Tru likes to do that too. I hope that everything goes well this week for you and that you don't have to be pregnant for too much longer! Can't wait to see pics of little Abby.