Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sandy didn't take a nap today. Oh, I miss her crib already!

So tonight I put her to bed early. We went through our bedtime routine (bath, brush teeth, read a story, say prayers, sing a primary song, goodnight kiss) and I left her room and closed the door. She cried and cried and even banged on her door, but it's been 1/2 hour and all is finally quiet. She was so tired!


Heather said...

That was a very hard transition for Christian too. There are some very nice things about your child stuck in a crib! Things will get easier. Good luck!

TheIcePixy said...

Yeah, that was a hard transition for us too. Especially because Lilly kept falling out of her bed the first couple of nights, but it got better. We still have to keep a gate up when she sleeps though, or she'll never stay in her room.