Friday, October 9, 2009

15 Month Stats

I took Sandy to her 15-month checkup today. Her stats are:

*Weight: 21 pounds 9 oz (25th percentile)
*Length: 33 inches (95th percentile)
*Head Circumference: 46.5 centimeters (66th percentile)

Dr. Baar said Sandy looks healthy. I did ask her about some of my concerns: Sandy not drinking milk (she said it's fine, just try to get 3 servings of dairy through cheese or yogurt), I asked about a multivitamin (she suggested infant vitamin drops available at any pharmacy), I asked about Sandy's temper tantrums and gagging to make herself throw up (she agreed the best way to handle was just to ignore as we've been doing).

The big challenge came when I mentioned Sandy's new bed. Dr. Baar agreed that a toddler bed was the best move since Sandy has fallen out of her crib. But she gave me a pep talk about letting Sandy cry it out to sleep since I've been sleeping in Sandy's room for the past week. She also added another twist: she suggested we go cold turkey on the binkie at the same time. She said she'd normally be okay with her keeping the binkie until 2 but with the new baby coming it would be good to get it away long before Sandy sees the baby with a binkie. Also, she suggested that it would be hard to let her cry it out while she gets used to sleeping in her bed and hard to let her cry it out while she gets used to no binkie, but we might as well just get it over with at once.

I really like our pediatrician and so I came home and put Sandy down for a nap, without a binkie. It took 1/2 hour, but she is sleeping now. Oh it's hard to hear her cry, though!

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TheIcePixy said...

Yeah, letting you baby cry it out is one of the hardest things about being a mom I think. I think it's even harder on the moms than on the Dads. At least in our case, Jake can often sleep through Lilly's whining and crying of he's tired enough, but the moment she makes any kind of a sound, even talking in her sleep it immediately wakes me up. I cannot sleep through her voice at all. So yeah, the sooner you get past the "crying it out" point the less stressed out you'll be.