Sunday, March 1, 2009


On Saturday we went to my cousin Brandon's wedding. Here are some pictures, mostly for my mom's benefit because I know she would have liked to be there. Bill took several pictures and I'm saving them onto a cd today to mail to my aunt and uncle.

The bride and groom. The flower girls (on the left) wore black dresses with hot pink or lime green cardigans over them. Carson is on the right as the best man.

The colors were hot pink, orange, and green.

Here is the cake.

The centerpieces.

Ice sculpture on the buffet table.

Shellie's dress.

Parker and Shayli.

Kayli's boyfriend, Hyrum.

Another picture of Kayli and Hyrum.

Pictures of Sandy.

With Grandpa Shupe.


Kels said...

I am glad you took pictures! I wish I could have come! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

TheIcePixy said...

Sandy looks like she's ready to kiss her Grandpa! How freaking adorable is she?!?!