Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sandy is 9 months old!

Sandy is 9 months old today. We went to the doctor this morning for her 9-month checkup and she is 73.66 centimeter long (92nd percentile) and 17 pounds 1 ounce (20th percentile). Dr. Burton* initially said she was concerned about Sandy's weight, but then she looked at Sandy's fat rolls on her legs and said she looks very healthy. When she learned that Sandy is still breastfeeding 4 times a day and eats solid food as many times a day, she said she wasn't concerned about her weight at all. That made me feel better, but I'm still going to try to see if I can't fatten her up a bit. Dr. Burton suggested giving Sandy eggs and yogurt - two things she hasn't tried yet - so maybe those will help.

Dr. Burton was very impressed with Sandy's pincer grasp and said she has the ability of a 1-year-old. Sandy can pick up very small items between her thumb and index finger. It's great when I put teething tablets in front of her and she can put them in her own mouth. It's not so great when she finds items on the floor that the vacuum missed.

Dr. Burton also said not to worry about Sandy not crawling yet because crawling isn't a developmental milestone. Sandy scoots, mostly backwards. She likes to stand up, though, and will walk if she has something to hold on to. She's almost able to pull herself up.

Dr. Burton said Sandy is on track to be 20 pounds when she turns 1 and said we can move her to a forward facing car seat then. I guess she's not following the guidelines my brother-in-law talked about in his blog entry today. I'm glad. I'm really excited for Sandy to start facing forward in the car. It will be a lot easier to check on her.

*This is the first time Dr. Burton has seen Sandy. Sandy usually sees Dr. Baar, but Dr. Baar is on maternity leave.

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