Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tracy Aviary

Today, after Sandy's nap, we went to the Tracy Aviary. We went because there was a free "Sing with your Child" class. The class was full, but they still let us into the Aviary so we walked around for awhile.

There were peacocks and other birds walking around freely.

Here's Sandy watching a peacock.

Sandy watched intently, but was so serious the entire time.

The only time she smiled was when we saw a black dog tied up by the exit. The dog seemed very calm, so I decided to take a picture of her smiling.

While I was taking the picture, she reached and rocked until the dog turned toward her and she was able to touch his nose with her hand. Then she laughed and laughed.

This is a picture of her laughing after she touched the dog.


*Amy* said...

She is getting so big! I'm glad her 9 month appt went well.

TheIcePixy said...

That is so cute! Lilly really loves dogs too . . .

AJ said...

Thanks for the tip about the aviary, we were there as well. It was fun. My kids got tired by the end of the singing (just a little too long for them) but otherwise thoroughly enjoyed it.