Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

We had a nice, but very busy, Valentine's Day yesterday. First, Sandy and I went to a Daughters of the Utah Pioneer meeting. Bill's mom and grandma are in the same camp. Here is Jaydene holding Sandy.

I presented a history of my third great-grandmother, Louisa Crabtree Shupe. I've been busy trying to track down information on her because I didn't have much to start with. I got a call on Friday from another descendent of hers who has some old documents she thought might have some information. So, I'm going to go see those and then I'll post the history.

While we were there, it started to snow really hard. It was a rather scary drive home. Bill got some cute pictures of Sandy in her Valentine dress when we got home.

Then I shoveled the driveway while Bill dealt with a work emergency. By the time Bill was done with his work emergency, Sandy had fallen asleep. So he went alone to his nephew Christian's 3rd birthday party.

The missionaries were going to come to dinner, but they called and rescheduled for tonight (Sunday). So the three of us had a yummy dinner at home and then we put Sandy to bed at 6:30. It is nice that she will go down pretty easily now and stay asleep. So Bill and I had the entire evening to ourselves.

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TheIcePixy said...

Wow! You did have a busy day! Even worse than ours! I wondered why Bill came by himself, but I never got a chance to ask him, and then we left. Anyway, I hope it was a great Holiday, and Sandy is adorable! (As always.)