Monday, February 9, 2009

Sandy's Toys and Getting More Sleep

Sandy has a lot of great toys to play with, but I am continually amazed at the non-toy items she likes to play with.

She loves to hold things when we go shopping and this was a quick trip to get windshield wiper fluid. I worried about putting such a big item in her lap, but she cried and reached for it. She had a great time holding it until we got out to the car!

Here she is chewing on my lip gloss.

Here she is with a dough roller, her favorite kitchen item to play with. Of course, she likes just about anything from the kitchen I will give her: lids, rubber spatulas, empty cool whip tubs...

She loves paper! Here she is playing with the junk mail.

Here she is at a cub scout dinner. One of the ladies from our ward held her and Sandy was fascinated by the oxygen hose.

She even tried chewing on it!

Here she is with a piece of cellophane. She likes it almost as much as plastic bags, but we try our best to keep plastic bags far away from her.

My sister Molly called me after my sleepwalking post to say Lexie had her 6-month appointment and the pediatrician recommended not feeding Lexie at night anymore. I decided to stop feeding Sandy, too, and it is amazing how much better everyone is sleeping and Sandy is staying in her own bed, too.


TheIcePixy said...

Cute pictures! And That's great that you figured out how to get more sleep! Yay!

Kels said...

Way fun pictures Megan! I especially liked the one with Sandy and the windshield wiper fluid, that is cute!