Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here is my latest project:

I put together a packet for the City Council explaining why our neighborhood is opposed to a local nursing home tearing down homes in our neighborhood for their expansion. There is a large group of neighbors involved and I had lots of help, but I did do the writing and layout (in Indesign). It was very satisfying. If you'd like to see it, you can find it here.

And, here is a picture of Sandy because how can I do a post without including a picture of her?


Kels said...

Even after you quit your working skills still come in great handy, the outside of the booklets look great Megan! You sure do know how to stay busy! Good luck with it!!

Sherri said...

I'm glad you included the picture of Sandy. I have to check your blog and get my daily fix.

HeRoosSheRoos said...

Way to go! It looks great and I like the personal stories along with the pictures. Good luck with the project.

K and M said...

That's a very impressive booklet. I am amazed at your talents. It's well laid out and very pursuasive. I'm also impressed with your involvement in community affairs. Best of luck.