Saturday, November 1, 2014


Family photos:

_IMG_9160 _IMG_9200 _IMG_9210 _IMG_9238 _IMG_9360 _IMG_9489


Some artistic pictures of the girls taken by a friend:

_Abby&Sandy _Abby _Sandy


What a beautiful month is has been. Swinging at the park:

_20141010_115053 _20141010_115103 _20141010_115147(0)


Another trip to Thanksgiving Point. They decorated Farm Country in an Oz theme:

_20141017_140130 _20141017_141814 _20141017_143227 _20141017_143251 _20141017_143317(0)


Halloween Night we did our traditional hot dogs in the driveway (for anyone passing by). We had kind friends that took Abby & Sandy trick or treating. Liam was in bed by 6:45. It was a great day.

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