Sunday, November 30, 2014


We started out the month celebrating Bill’s birthday:



Cute picture of Liam with his grandpa:



Grandma Gingie and Grandpa Pete came to visit:



Grandma Gingie got the kids new church clothes:

_IMG_0039 _IMG_0044 _IMG_0071 _IMG_0086 _IMG_0093 _IMG_0103 _IMG_0129 _IMG_0131 _IMG_0150 _IMG_0173


We celebrated Liam’s first birthday:

_IMG_0184 _IMG_0189 _IMG_0198

We did our traditional birthday choosing. The video is on Bill’s phone but I will try to get it posted soon. Liam chose the computer keyboard.


Liam had his 1-year well child visit. He is 85th percentile for height, 19th percentile for weight.


We decorated for Christmas. Liam helped with the lights:

_IMG_0241edited _IMG_0251edited


Bill put lights on the outside of the house:



The kids wearing new Christmas pajamas from grandma:

_IMG_0285cropped _IMG_0288cropped  _IMG_0302 _IMG_0303 _IMG_0323 _IMG_0326 _IMG_0333cropped

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