Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Yes, I am 3 months behind on my blog. (Although I'm back dating these posts, so by the time I'm done it won't look like I was 3 months behind. Right?) Perhaps updating my blog should have been on the list of goals in the previous post.

Back to Halloween. Sandy wanted to be a cowgirl. Therefore, Abby wanted to be a cowgirl. And I envisioned lovely pictures with my two matching cowgirls.

By the time Halloween night rolled around, Sandy no longer wanted to be a cowgirl. She had worn her cowgirl costume to a friend's dance class, to her preschool, and to our ward party (only one of those I actually managed to take a picture of and it didn't include Abby).

So, Sandy came up with her own outfit using things in her dress up box and went as a princess. And I wondered why I bought stuff for Halloween costumes.


I did take one picture at our ward Halloween party. Isn't this a great pregnancy costume?

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