Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun!

Monday we went to Thanksgiving Point.

We had a KFC picnic, here is Abby enjoying a chicken leg on top of the picnic table.

Sandy loves the pony rides!

Grandma & Grandpa Buhler joined us, here we are on the wagon ride.

After seeing Farm Country, we went to the Dinosaur Museum. Abby loved the tunnels.

...and riding on Dad's shoulders.

She kept getting so excited, though, she would hit him on the head.

Sandy's favorite thing at the Dinosaur Museum is the sand and water table. It was almost closing time so she had it all to herself for a few minutes.

Abby loves the sand quarry!

Then we drove by the Children's Exploration Garden, which was closed. Sandy & Abby had fun in a coach outside the gates, though.

Abby really wanted to get in!

Sandy has been taking swimming lessons. She loves to go and she is pretty comfortable in the water.
Here she is waiting for class to start.

Still waiting....

It's kind of far away, but here she is in the water with her teacher.

We found these great swim robes at Costco!


Abby loves corn on the cob!

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