Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my husband, dad, father-in-law, grandpas and all the other dads out there!

An interview with Sandy about her Dad

How old is Dad?

I don’t know

What is Dad's favorite dinner?

Chicken nuggets

What is Dad's job?

To do the lawn mower

What makes Dad mad?

I don’t know

What does Dad do when he comes home from work?

I don’t know

What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?

Pick up Izzy (our babysitter)

What makes Dad laugh?

I don’t know

What does Dad do that makes you laugh?

Takes me to the Dinosaur museum

Is Dad a good singer?

Nods her head yes

What does Dad sing to you?

The Kitty cat song

What would you like to do with Dad?

Watch movies (at the movie theatre)

What is something that Dad always says to you?

Say please

What do you think Dad does when you go to sleep?

Be quiet (whispering)

How are you and Dad the same?

We both like chocolate

How are you and Dad different?

I don’t know

What do you love most about Dad?

Why don’t my dad have too much hair?

What color are your dad’s eyes?


What color is your dad’s hair?

my daddy’s hair is white

What is your dad’s favorite treat


what do you like to do to daddy

tickle his toes

Some of her answers are random -- Bill wants me to point out that chicken nuggets is NOT his favorite dinner, it is hers -- but I thought it was funny.

Abby loves her daddy, too! She's not old enough to answer questions, but she does think anytime he is around he should be holding her!

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Heather said...

haha! I love that she doesn't know how old Bill is and just says that. Christian told his teacher on Mother's day that I'm 82 and on Father's day said that Jared is 21! I'd rather that my age remain unknown ;). She's so cute. I love all the funny and sweet answers that kids give!