Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update & Videos

Sandy's First X-ray
Sandy had her first x-ray on Monday, March 28. About 10 days before she fell off the couch. She's complained a couple of times a day ever since that her arm hurt. It never got swollen or discolored and, after the initial fall, she didn't cry. She didn't seem to be favoring her arm when she played, and she didn't cry or complain if Bill and I squeezed or moved her arm. But she did consistently complain about the same arm in the same spot. She also kept saying she needed to go to the doctor for her arm. So, finally I took her in to the doctor. Nothing showed up in the exam, but the doctor did an x-ray of her elbow just to make sure. There wasn't anything on the x-ray either. So, I guess she just wanted to go to the doctor. She hasn't said anything about her arm hurting since.

When we went downstairs for the x-ray, the technician said Abby couldn't come in. So, I said, "Sandy, go with this lady and she's going to take a picture of your arm." The lady looked at me like she couldn't believe I would send my 2-year-old in on her own. (I'm not sure what she expected me to do -- leave my baby unattended in the hall?!) Sandy went without even hesitating and was really good.

Sandy loves to say prayers. We're trying to teach her that Bill gets to ask someone to say the prayer (her response is always, "I say a prayer first then you say a prayer."). She does a pretty good job with her prayers, except she addresses them to "Jesus Christ." We've had several conversations about how we pray to Heavenly Father, but we still need to work on that. Two amusing things in prayers this last week:

*Over lunch, Sandy prayed, "Please bless me to go to my grandma's house one day." When we talk to my mom on Skype, she will sometimes ask Sandy if she wants to come visit grandma one day. If they get a direct flight from Salt Lake to Sioux Falls, I'll go for a visit. Until then, though, I think it's going to be awhile - Bill can't get away and I don't want to do a layover with the two girls.

*The other day at dinner, she prayed, "Please bless Abby not to yell and scream the WHOLE night." Abby has been teething and we've had some rough nights.

Here is a video of Sandy. She sings the ABCs, then says her full name "Sandra Ruth Buhler," then I ask her how old she is and she says, "2, June." And I ask her how old she'll be in June and she says "5".

Here is a video of Abby. She does a half-scoot, half-crawl and she walks around the furniture. The bruise on her head is from the windowsill - she was walking around the couch and tried to hold onto the windowsill, but missed.

Abby says mum and da and knows who she's talking about. In fact, when Bill goes in to her room in the middle of the night, she'll often start screaming, "Mum, mum, mum!" because, of course, she thinks she needs to nurse at night. She loves to blow raspberries. She has two teeth on the bottom and there is one tooth on top that is just poking through.

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Jessica Bair said...

Abby crawls just like Ava did. I always called her "peg-leg".