Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter

We've gotten several Easter cards - thanks to grandmas! Sandy and Abby have loved getting their cards! We've got them up on the door so we can admire them, but Sandy frequently takes them down and "reads them to Abby. Adorable!

Today we had some friends come over and we decorated Easter Eggs.

Sandy had a blast - she decided the wire thingy was too much work, so she just pulled the eggs in and out of the colors with her hands - check them out:
About a week ago, our house was egged:
What a fun surprise! The girls had a blast picking up Easter eggs outside:
Abby sleeping. Doesn't look very comfortable, does it?
We went to Ben & Jerry's at the Gateway for free scoop day. There was a little kiosk selling matching hats and purses. I fell in love with this little set for Sandy. The guy that owned the kiosk thought she was cute, too, he took some pictures and asked if he could use them on a flier.

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Heather said...

I love the blue hands! Sandy's hair is soo pretty in that photo! Your girls are so adorable.