Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here is a video of Sandy from Christmas Eve talking about what Santa is going to bring her.

Every time I've asked her what she wants Santa Claus to bring her, the answer has been the same: a candy cane. So, I put some candy canes in her stocking -- a couple of miniature ones, a regular size one, and a candy cane tube filled with candy. Christmas morning she was excited by everything, especially the candy canes. Every time she'd get to one in her stocking, she'd hold it up and shout: "A candy cane!" The next day I took her to nursery and her teacher asked her what Santa brought her. Her response? "A candy cane!"

Here is a picture of Abby from Christmas eve that my sister-in-law Heather took.

Here are some photos from Christmas morning.

Here is a video of Abby smiling and Sandy talking in the background.

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Heather said...

Sandy's little voice is so cute. It almost sounds like she has a foreign accent ;). Abby has the best smile. I need to send you some of the photos I got of Abby smiling, I just downloaded them and they're really cute.