Friday, December 24, 2010

December Part 1 (in reverse chronological order)

On December 23, we went to the annual Shupe family Christmas party. It has been a green, rainy Christmas in Salt Lake, but there was plenty of snow at the party. So much snow, in fact, that we got stuck. Thanks to my grandpa and uncles for pushing us out, chauffeuring us up to the lodge, and then stopping later on the highway to help us pull off the plastic thing that got torn loose and was flapping around.

The first person we saw after getting stuck was my mom's uncle, Norm. He took me and the girls up to the lodge while Bill stayed to deal with the car. Sandy didn't remember him, so when he picked up Abby's carrier to take her to the car, she ran after him yelling, "Hey! That's our baby!"

Santa Claus was at the party.

On December 12, we got a family picture taken for the ward bulletin board:

On December 3 at our ward Christmas party:

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Heather said...

I love Sandy's expression in the second photo with Santa! Very sweet.