Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have three sisters and I love them very much!
I'm so happy Sandy and Abby have each other.

Sandy is a great big sister, always watching out for Abby.

giving her kisses

Kathleen gave them matching bracelets, aren't they adorable?

Several people have commented how much they look alike, so I thought it would be worth pulling out Sandy's baby pictures. Here is Abby:



We've had lots of visitors. Here is a photo of Grandpa Shupe and Gayla holding Abby:Grandpa Pete & Grandma Gingie also came from Colorado:

Sandy and Grandpa Pete had a lot of fun together:


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April Elizabeth said...

What a sweet big sister Sandy is! They do look alike but I think they have their own look too...if that makes sense. They definitely look like sisters that is for sure. Man I should have taken the sunglasses off y head for that picture....