Thursday, May 27, 2010

2-Week Checkup

Abby had her 2-week checkup on Monday and all looks good. Here are the stats:
*She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz (the rule of thumb is that she should have been at least up to her birth weight, which was 6 lbs 13 oz)
*She gained 17 ounces in 11 days (the rule of thumb is that they gain 1 oz per day)
*She is 17th percentile for weight and 88th percentile for height (21.5 inches)

We are planning a week-long business trip to Atlanta. We'll be taking the girls with us -- and my cousin, Kayli, has agreed to come with us to watch them during the day and a half of meetings Bill needs me for. I don't know what I'd do without her, I was feeling a lot of angst about leaving a 5-week-old baby with an unseen babysitter in another state. So we are busy introducing a bottle to make all go smoothly. I pumped a bottle and went to book club tonight, and came back to this:

Bill propped the bottle up, left the room, and when I came home Abby was sucking away on an empty bottle. Luckily she burped pretty easily so she must not have been sucking on the empty bottle too long.

Here are pictures of Sandy from Sunday wearing her dress from Grandma Gingie:


K and M said...

That is hysterical! I still remember the first time Kelly had to watch Benjamin as an infant and he was so proud to show me how he'd figured out a way to prop up the bottle so he no longer needed to hold it! People were always so amazed how early my kids learned to hold their own bottles, but we owed it all to Kelly!

AJ said...

Sandy looks so big and grown-up in those pictures! Those are two really cute girls you have there!

Jessica Bair said...

Sandy sure is growing up and baby Abby is darling.

I have to warn you though that bottle propping isn't a good idea. It can cause ear infections and more importantly baby can choke. Especially one as young as Abby. I know sometimes it seems easier to do, but it can be harmful.

April Elizabeth said...

My goodness! That bottle looks almost as big as her head. Jessica is is pretty dangerous. That picture of Sandy in that dress is adorable! She is such a cute girl! It is a cute dress too! Her Grandma has good taste!