Saturday, September 26, 2009

Restful Weekend

Well, since I am being forced to rest, Sandy and I have been spending extra time cuddling. Bill snapped this photo and I couldn't resist sharing Sandy's favorite way of cuddling. She loves to lay on my bare stomach. She started doing this the week I found out I was pregnant. It was shortly after I weaned her so she may have just been craving comfort, but I'd like to think she's already bonding with her little brother or sister.


Jessica Bair said...

Joseph still loves to feel my bare skin. Since the day he was born he had to rub my arm or chest while he was nursing, rocking or just cuddling with me. When I was pregnant he had to always put his feet on my tummy when we would nap together. Now every night when I tuck him into bed he has to feel the back of my arms...even if it's just for a second. I don't know what's up with him and skin but it's pretty funny.
Congratulations on the baby! I hope everything works out for you. I know how scary it can be when you start to bleed when you are pregnant. So much anxiety. Let us know what the OB says.

TheIcePixy said...

That is such an adorable picture! Sandy has the cutest smiley eyes ever!