Saturday, May 31, 2014


5 1/2 months and we have a tooth!



Happy birthday, Abby! Here she is with the birthday cake she took to preschool:


They celebrated a day early.


The day of we started with birthday pancakes:

_IMG_8764 _IMG_8780


Then an ice cream cake roll in the evening:


She loved this new outfit from Grandma & Grandpa Buhler:



We worked hard on the girls new bedroom

_IMG_8812 _IMG_8813


First night in their new bedroom:



Liam loved stretching out in his crib:


(he’d been in a Moses basket in our room while we waited for the girls new room and he was too big!)


There’s that second tooth!



Look, Mom, I bit my pancake into a bat:



This girl has SO much personality!


Liam loves his daddy!


Sandy sent this card to a friend.

_20140522_150550 It says: “Happy Summer, From Sandy To Ava. I like you cuz you are sweet as a popsicle.”


And we had a visit from Grandma Gingie & Grandpa Pete:


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