Friday, December 13, 2013

December, Part 1

We started the month by getting photos for Christmas cards. Later than we expected, but then Liam arrived later than expected. Here are some photos we took of the kids, although not the one on the actual Christmas card, you’ll have to wait to see that one.

_IMG_8535   _IMG_8554 _IMG_8581


December also brought snow – and freezing temperatures:



Abby loves to wear her pajamas! The first thing she does when we get home – even if it is noon, is change into her pajamas. But it has been too cold to wear just pajamas, so she’s started wearing pajamas under her clothes. Silly girl!


Isn’t he cute?


Liam has pectal excavatum, which means that there is a depression in his rib cage. His pediatrician said it looks like a mild case and she thought it might be come less noticeable as he grows.

Here’s a video. You can see it as he breathes in and out – it’s really noticeable when he has hiccups!!



We went to the grand opening of the Sugarhouse Trolley. They had food and giveaways at the various stops.



We also went to Scheels in Sandy. It’s a store, I’d never been, but it turns out they have a ferris wheel in the middle of the store:


They also have a cool aquarium. I’m adding this to my list of rainy/snowy day activities!

Santa was wandering around the store, and we stopped to say hi and snap pictures:




The girls drew pictures. Sandy drew this beautiful picture of her and Abby visiting the ocean:



And Abby drew this picture of her pet shark biting Sandy:Abby'sPic

Abby loves her brother. In a “hug him, and squeeze him and LOVE him” sort of way, but we’re working on that.


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Heather said...

I never even thought about it before but Santa is probably the only stranger that all the moms will gladly let hold their newborn I must think of a scheme to plump up Jared so he can be a store Santa someday and I can be a store Mrs. Claus! Your kids are so darling! I wish we could hang out more. :)