Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Recap

Here’s a quick update on our October:


A trip to Red Butte Gardens:



Random trip to Lowes, but I thought it was funny that Abby insisted on her stuffed animals riding in the cart:


She is so attached to her animals.


We went to Roosevelt for the day. While Bill worked, the girls and I went to Dinosaur National Monument. On the way, we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s. The McDonald’s children’s playplace in Vernal was amazing because:

*It was new

*It was the cleanest one I’ve ever been to (the one by us is new but it is always full of trash)

*There was lots of seating around the children’s playplace, it was wide open with lots of natural light, and the tables offered a really good view of the play area

*It was completely walled off from the rest of the restaurant – with only one door that was easy to see from anywhere in the children’s section.

*There was a very nice bathroom inside the children’s play area.

It is amazing to find a children’s area that is actually kid-friendly. Like Liberty Park where they have this amazing play area – and a kid-sized tunnel that leads directly out of it, but if your kid escapes, you have to run all the way around to catch them on the other side. Seriously! Who designs these things? People that have never tried to take a 2-year-old to the park! Or to McDonalds.


Then it was onto Dinosaur National Monument. We were lucky – this was it’s first day open after the government shutdown.



At first, it didn’t seem like there was much to do. We exhausted the visitor’s center and the quarry in under an hour.

But then we decided to try their scenic drive. We bought a pamphlet that directed us where to go and where to stop. The girls had a blast!



They especially liked the petroglyphs. They wanted to know how they were made. So we found a couple of rocks and I let them use a rock to scratch a design on it. It was harder than they expected. Then I showed them how easily it wiped away and we talked about how much work it would be to make drawings on rock that would last hundreds of years.



Bill went to a Scout broadcast. He was proud that he was wearing his Scout shirt from when he was 18.




Abby was a rainbow bug for Halloween:



Her daycare had a really cute Halloween party and the kids performed a dance number:


There were twins in the most adorable owl costumes. Their mom made a hat with eyes on it. Then she’d made feather capes. They turned out so cute!!


Sandy was a mermaid for Halloween. This is the only picture I got. I wish I’d gotten a shot of the tail. And we sprayed her hair red.


This picture was at her school – the school had a costume parade and then I stayed with a couple of other moms and we helped with a Halloween party.


We did our annual hot dogs – we set up in the driveway and grill hot dogs for the trick or treaters going by. We also had hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun, we had a great turn out this year. We grilled about 100 hot dogs.


Oh, and this was my facebook status one day in October. I thought it might be funny to look back at someday.


Some things I heard today from children that I would be very happy not to hear again.

"I wish I never had a sister."

"I know potty words in Spanish, do I still get in trouble if I say them?"

"If you pick your nose, sometimes it bleeds. But not always."

Can I run away from home? I'm sure I'd come back after a day. Or two. Or three.

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