Sunday, September 1, 2013


We started out the month making a German Chocolate Cake for my brother-in-law’s birthday:



The girls’ daycare does the most amazing crafts. I don’t take pictures very often. But I loved this one:



A random picture of Abby with the new favorite stuffed animal at our house:



Sandy after she got her blood drawn. Notice the purple bow on her pink arm wrap. We took her to a pediatric gastroenterologist because she has been having some stomach problems.


Update: All of her blood tests came back fine. And after charting it for a month, I think it just comes down to (1) she has a sensitive stomach and (2) anxiety = stomach aches at our house. So, I think we can manage this and don’t need to go back to the doctor.


Another picture of Sandy with her kitty:



Bill took Abby to the Seven Peaks Fun Center on a daddy date:


Here is Sandy at a My Little Pony party. Notice the tail:



Abby loves books! One night we put the girls to bed and left the bathroom light on as a “night light.” Bill and I went downstairs to watch a movie and came back to find this:


Abby had decided to go read in the bathroom. I love that she took her mattress with her!


The girls at First Encampment Park:



We found these amazing swirled balloons:



Sandy’s first day of school:

_IMG_8186 Do you like the new door color? We finally painted it after a year of it looking like this:




A couple more pictures from the first day of kindergarten:




The tears for the day came from Abby, who was sad that she didn’t get to start kindergarten, too.


And we’ll end with a few pictures from a princess party the girls went to at Discovery Gateway:"

_20130831_104710 _20130831_104904 _20130831_112456


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