Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Walk & Fishing

We drove up to Logan for a Pumpkin Walk.

On the way into the pumpkin path there were several of these photo boards. The girls liked getting their pictures taken as Disney princesses.

_2012-10-20 16.09.17_2012-10-20 16.09.35

_2012-10-20 16.11.07_2012-10-20 16.14.14


Then we walked through the exhibits. The path was lined with hay bales and jack-o-lanterns.

_2012-10-20 16.38.02


There were many scenes made out of pumpkins. Here is the Bachelor. The heads are made of pumpkins, even the rose was made of a small gourd painted red.

_2012-10-20 16.24.23


There were several scenes from The Hunger Games:

_2012-10-20 16.41.10_2012-10-20 16.41.54


It wasn’t just pumpkins, I was amazed at this dinosaur made of gourds:

_2012-10-20 16.46.02


Pumpkin spiders:

_2012-10-20 16.31.57


Even a pumpkin snowman (the pumpkins are painted white and stacked to make his body).

_2012-10-20 16.46.53


On the way out, there were more photo boards:

_2012-10-20 16.48.44

_2012-10-20 16.51.37


Another fun, free fall activity that I would do again next year. I found out about this (and the Scarecrow Festival last weekend) from Enjoy Utah!

Bill wanted to take the girls fishing, so after the pumpkin walk, we went up Logan Canyon to find a little stream we could fish.

The girls were excited about fishing for about 5 minutes.

_2012-10-20 17.56.53


Until they decided it was more fun to throw rocks in the water.

_2012-10-20 18.11.53_2012-10-20 18.06.27


We didn’t catch anything.

_2012-10-20 18.02.31

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