Friday, March 2, 2012

Some More Funnies

Do you believe I could write a post like this every day? Really, our days are full of so many funny moments that get lost amid all the other things. A couple from this week:


I broke a glass while I was cooking. Bill was sweeping it up and asked Sandy to stay back. She kept trying to get through his arm that was holding her back and finally he asked her what she was doing. “Trying to step on that glass so I will have glass slippers.” We’d read Cinderella that day, but still, that seemed like quite the logic jump until we realized that as Bill was sweeping up he had said, “Careful, girls, we don’t want you stepping on this glass and getting glass SLIVERS.”


Yesterday we had the most snow we’ve gotten all winter and the girls wanted to build a snowman. We went outside and built a pitifully small snowman. But they had fun.



Of course, they lost interest in the snowman and the snow quickly. All they really wanted to do is play in the water from the downspout:



So while I was still trying to do the snowman, they went inside for bowls and spoons and had a blast mixing snow and water:



Today we had some friends come play. Sandy was so sad to see them leave. After spending the better part of February home with colds, they have really missed their friends. So after they left, Sandy dug deep into the cupboards and pulled out an assortment of snacks and made them a treat bag.



She’s really not supposed to get into the cupboard and get into stuff, but she was so excited. I get excited about putting treats together for people, too. In fact, we went to Junky Monkey for the first time today and my exciting find was these cardboard popcorn bowls. Won’t those make some cute treat buckets? I’ll have to post about what I do with them once I figure it out:



Sandy insisted on decorating her treat bag. She requested flowers, but I had some foam heart stickers handy and she was happy with those:



We took a walk to deliver the treats. When we came back the girls had a blast with the foam heart stickers.



I’m not sure why putting them in each other’s hair was so funny, but apparently it was.


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AJ said...

They stick so much better to hair than just about anything else I have discovered. :)