Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas


Opening Presents

We celebrated Christmas Eve on the 23rd (Friday night). The girls opened pajamas from Grandma Sherri.




Saturday morning (the 24th), we opened presents. Apparently I don’t have any pictures of that, although we did get it all on video. The girls were excited to see that Santa had come. Sandy got everything she asked for (a dog dolly, pretend makeup, and pez for her pez dispenser) and more. Abby didn’t ask for anything, but seemed pleased with her presents.

Christmas Day

Abby and Sandy wore their new Christmas dresses from Grandma Buhler to church on Christmas Day.




The Thursday after Christmas, we went to the extended Buhler family party. It is traditional to have a live Nativity play by the children; Sandy was Mary this year.


Abby was an angel:




Abby didn’t make it to the end of the play. She was sad and came and sat with me.



The girls had cute matching outfits on, but I didn’t think to take pictures until we got home and, by then, they were tired.


Some funny stories

We went to the post office this week. I was carrying Abby and a box, so Sandy was holding onto my shirt as we walked through the parking lot. She said, “Mom, you need more arms.” I said, “Yes, I could really use a few more arms.” Sandy said, “Then you would be an octopus.”

On the same post office trip, Abby took off while I was in line. Sandy went after her. I went after them and then we had a talk about how they need to stay right with me so someone doesn’t try to take them. Sandy said, “Because your heavy.” I said, “What?” She said, “Because I’m little and Abby’s little but  you’re heavy mom, so the bad people can’t take you.”

Abby has three new words: yum, gum, and bum. She really enjoys saying them. She calls anything chewy, like taffy, gum.

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