Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pictures from the Week

On Saturday, Sandy found a bag of dum dums. She unwrapped one and gave it to Sage (can you see the stick sticking out of Sage's mouth?) then unwrapped one for herself.

On Monday we went to get Sandy's stitches out. I called to her that it was time to go see the doctor. After a minute or two, she came running upstairs ready to go the doctor. She had a coat, her baby, and Bill's sunglasses stuck (upside down) on her head. No shoes.

She did such a good job getting her stitches out! She sat on my lap and held her hand perfectly still while the doctor snipped the stitches and pulled them out. She didn't cry. The doctor was very impressed!

Sandy has learned how to get onto my bed. My hope chest is at the foot of the bed, so she climbs onto it and then onto my bed. She also knows how to push a chair up to the kitchen counter and get an apple out of the fruit basket (usually one for Sage and one for her). So this morning I made my bed and took the hamper downstairs to the laundry room. When I got back, I found her lying on my bed eating an apple.


Kelsie said...

I think it is hillarious that Sandy always gets one for her and one for Sage. How fun that she has a friend constantly with her.

Heather said...

That Sandy is so cute! What a smart little lady!

TheIcePixy said...

I love her lounging on your bed eating an apple! What a cutie!