Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sandy is 11 Months Old!

Sandy is 11 months old today. She is 19.4 pounds (according to the Wii Fit) and 2 feet 4 inches (according to Bill's tape measure).

She is so much fun to be around and I can't even imagine not having my little shadow around. She is really good to play with toys by herself, but she always knows exactly where I am. I will leave her in her room playing with toys while I take a quick shower. I leave the door ajar so I can be sure to hear how she's doing. Before I finish my shower, I usually see a little head pop around the corner of the shower curtain as she comes to see what mommy is doing.

Sandy is happy most of the time and I love to hear her giggle. I also like to listen to her chatter. She chatters a lot to herself and when I ask her a question, I almost always get a long response although I'm not sure what she's saying. She says mama and dada and mum (which means give me that, usually food). She also loves to blow raspberries and will sit and do that for long stretches of time. Bill thinks she'll be a french horn player. One of her favorite places to blow raspberries is in church or other meetings.

She loves our dog, Sage. Sandy gets so excited when she sees Sage each morning. She loves to feed her - and sometimes teases her with food. She also loves to get into the dog water and food dishes. She doesn't eat dog food - she tried that a few times and decided she didn't like it - but she loves to put dog food in the water dish, spread dog food all over the kitchen floor, and sometimes even lap out of the dog water dish like a dog. I know, it's gross. Sandy has a sippy cup of water on the floor all the time now so I can quickly grab it and encourage her to drink that instead.

Sandy pulls herself up on everything. She loves to walk - as long as she has something to hold on to. She goes from person to furniture to dog - around the house. Yes, she will even pull herself up on Sage as she walks by. She also uses her high chair as a walker. She just grabs on and pushes it in front of her. She'll even hold on to our pant legs and walk next to us.

She learned how to climb stairs earlier this month. On May 9, we had some friends over and we were playing in the back yard. Sandy decided to climb the back concrete stairs. She goes up stairs great! She hasn't figured out how to come down yet, though.

She has two teeth, both on the bottom, and she is a great eater. She's willing to try everything and she likes almost everything. Some of her favorite things are string cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables (she eats frozen corn and frozen peas, it must feel good on her gums), and chips.

I love my little girl!

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Heather said...

She is such a sweet little girl. It's strange to think she's already 11 months. When you're not someone's parent time seems to go so much faster. I love the bit about lapping out of the dog bowl. It's not as gross to me as my friend in eigth grade who used share her ice cream cones (drumsticks) with her dog. She'd have a lick and then he'd have a lick etc. At least you can clean the dog bowl.